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almost.... as in almost done with them. Had to take a break for things like family events (October birthdays... lots... and lots.....) Will post pictures of the scarves for the nieces tomorrow, really, I mean it this time!

Back to the languishing sock.... It's lonely mate is currently threatening to withhold my wine and chocolate if I don't finish it soon.... Something about sitting in the way of true love.  *Sigh* socks can be so emotional when lonely.

Frog.... or... Prince

The socks I have been knitting... well, they are going very well... if one ignores the fact that - wait for it - at the 7th repeat of one of the leg cables of the second sock I twisted the stitches the wrong way *sigh*.  *Sigh* because I noticed this at the 10th (and final)repeat before the cuff! 

Memo to self: cables on small needles using dark wool that is splitty should be knitted during the day and in bright light....NOT,"...one more row before I go to sleep..."  etc.

So, on one shoulder a merrily rib-biting frog, on the other, the voice of reason sweetly noting that this "design element" will most likely be under trousers and anyone close enough to notice .... well...  then it smiled mischievously (yes the 'voice' smiled... they are on  my shoulders, after all!).

Ultimate outcome; frog is no longer quite as merry (but lies in wait).... voice of reason, who refuses to detail the whole "trouser" comment, is currently grinning widely and assisting in counting the row repeats for the cuff.


Transformation... Today I step out from plain old KIP in my neighborhood and on planes (check with the TSA and your airline) and trains to the world of KIP in blogland and join Socktoberfest

My passion for sock knitting is fairly new, less than a year old but well entrenched. As with most things I pick up, it has become an exploration in techniques which (in my version of the world) adds to the pleasure of the creative process. There are so many permutations on the construction of such an essentially basic and utilitarian item.

The basic choices of  Toe Up or Top Down lead to cast-on choices (my current favorite for toe up is the  Turkish Cast-On) , heel construction decisions; short-row... wraps, double wraps, no-stinking-wraps ; afterthought; backwards heel flap; and so forth.  Then, shall the sock have a pattern, should I make it up as I go along, do I follow a pattern to the letter?  You get the point. 

So.... Socktoberfest it is.  I already have two pair on the needles, one is my own pattern with cables and a short row heel and one is a top down first foray into fair-isle or stranded knitting.  Of course, I have a pattern in reserve should I finish those before the end of October.  All this in addition to scarves for the nieces, a cardigan for me and a few other WIPs to which blogland will be introduced .... eventually.

It begins...

... the journey, of course. Ok, it began a long time ago and continues in fits and starts...

This part of the journey *big quotes, capital letters, multiple underlines, etc.* will mostly concern the transformation of yarn and fiber into useful and pretty things. The making, the learning of techniques, the lost cause of stash busting, the coveting of yarn and fiber because it looks, smells and feels so good. And, sometimes, that quiet space your mind can go to when the knits and purls and yarn-overs in a pattern become intuitive and maybe lets the transformation of yarn ... transform the knitter.




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